Woman Finds Her Parisian Apartment Covered In Excreta And Urine After Renting It Out On Airbnb

Her “charming” studio apartment was rented by a Canadian man for three weeks in the month of August.

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It was nothing less than a nightmare when a Parisian woman found her plush apartment, rented through Airbnb, turned into a “vulgar ‘squat’ filled with excrement, urine and an impressive quantity of alcohol bottles”.

The Parisian woman who goes by the name ‘Laurie S’ uploaded a picture of her apartment before renting it out and after it was vacated, on Facebook. Her “charming” studio apartment was rented by a Canadian man for three weeks in the month of August.

The “trashy” tenant delayed vacating her apartment by a week without really paying the due. As if this wasn’t enough, he wedged the front door, impaired the shower, broke the toilet seat and threw it into the sink and damaged the floor, according to Laurie.

 “I was shocked and devastated to find my studio in that state when I returned after three weeks,” she wrote as she captioned the pictures.

Airbnb is a US-based online marketplace for home-sharing. When Laurie contacted them to inform about the miscreant, they told her they’ll revert back but that never happened. When she could not wait any longer for a call back from their end, she decided to take matters in her hand and eventually took to Facebook.

Laurie wrote, “I was waiting but I was told the same thing again. It was only with Airbnb that I could get in touch with the tenant. But things did not move. Yet the situation was becoming urgent, since this is my main dwelling.”

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The damage would cost Laurie €10,000 (more than Rs 7 lakh) to get the apartment back in shape according to a building firm’s ballpark figure.

Laurie is worried about the huge cost involved. “The cost is enormous. The cleaning of the apartment requires the intervention of professionals who inevitably charge for the disinfection and removal of excrement,” she said.

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Laurie claims that it was only after her post was noticed on Facebook that she got her long due call back from the home-sharing company. She acclaims the efforts taken by the media to bring her story to limelight.

Says Laurie, “I received a call from the Airbnb Help Center and they are now dealing with my file, which is being studied. I am waiting and hoping to get compensation from the tenant or Airbnb.”

Last year approximately 30 million flats were rented out through Airbnb, out of which only 0.009% turned out to be seriously damaged, according to the e-marketplace.

“This type of bad experience is extremely rare,” Airbnb told France 3 television.

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