Vicious, Dangerous & Resourceful Criminal Minds! Female Killers From India That Shook The Nation

Here are the stories about Indian women who shocked the world with their heinous crimes.

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Deadly smiles and Deadly minds! Someone has rightly said Women are never to be understood just to be loved. But things take a wild turn when this love goes wrong. These females are sugar sweet, knife sharp, fox sly and dangerously criminal. Here are the most controversial stories about the Indian women who shocked the nation with their heinous crimes:

Phulan Devi

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What better story to start with? Meet the female Indian Robin Hood- Phulan Devi.

Born in a small village of UP, married to an old man of upper caste, she transformed from being a rape victim to a Bandit Queen. After she ran from her husband’s house, she was kidnapped by a gang of dacoits. It was here that she met her knight in shining armour Vikram Mallah, who saved her by killing the gang leader. What followed was a series of revenge battles which later resulted in Vikram’s death and she being captured and tortured again. However she later escaped only to return as gang leader and the Bandit Queen who opened fired at the upper caste men of UP including her ex- husband. She later surrendered on specific terms and won masses’ hearts and appreciation. She also joined politics representing Samajwadi Party.

The Kakoorgachi Killer

Her criminal roots take us back to 1883 in the village of Kolkata. A lady whose proper identity still remains unknown would categorically choose her victims based on the wealth they owned and their looks & charms. Living in the Amratolla lane, she would ask her victims to meet her at the outskirts of the town: the Kakoorgachi tank. She would manipulate them with spiritual talks thus convincing them to take a dip in the holy water. When they would immerse themselves in the tank, she would violently strangle them under water. The place was secluded, thus perfect for a crime.

Fortunately she could victimise only 5 preys. The neighbouring fishermen somehow traced the cries of the victims and the killer, handing her to the police.

Cyanide Mallika

Source: indiatimes

Also known as K D Kempanna, this lady is considered as one the first female serial killers of our country. Her hunger to grow rich quick and with minimal effort introduced her to the ‘business’ of killing.

Cyanide Mallika had a fool-proof psychological game plan hatched. She would visit the temples near Bangalore posing as one of the devotees and would study her victims, the females in distress. She would first gain their sympathy and later convince them to allow her to perform a puja to ward off the evil, in the outskirts of the town.

The damsels, who would come for the puja dressed and ornamented, were given the ‘holy water’ mixed with deadly cyanide (hence the nickname). She would rob the victims who would die after drinking cyanide. She was later caught by the Kalasipalyam Police when she was trying to escape and dispose the jewellery of the victim.

Neha Verma

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Beauty indeed is an illusion. Neha Warma, a beautician, laid her eyes on her prey Megha Deshpande at a mall where she was seen with heavy jewellery. She later took Megha into confidence and entered the Deshpande house to land up a job. It was when she became a regular at their residence that she, along with her boyfriend Rahul and friend Manoj, hatched a plan to open fire and then stab the members of the Deshpande family. They killed three generations for 1.5 lakh cash, 5 lakhs jewellery and two ATM cards!

Rahul in hurry to kill had shot his leg and was later admitted to a hospital. This helped the police to track them down and were given death penalty for this heinous crime.

Simran Sood

Source: indiatoday

Actress Simran Sood and husband Vijay Palande along with friend Karan Kumar trapped people to commit land related crimes. One such case was that of Anuj Tikku. In their desire to acquire Tikku’s Lokhandwala Complex Property, they committed fraud and later killed Anuj’s father Arun Kumar Tikku. Palande along with wife surrendered to the police and admitted their crime.  

Baby Patankar

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Also known as Shashikala Patankar, she has been dealing with deadlu drugs for over 20 years. She was the famous dealer of the drug Mephedrone aka Meow- Meow. Shockingly, her ‘boyfriend’ Dharmraj Kalokhe was a police constable! It was after police discovered 120 kg of Meow-Meow in his locker that they could trace the crime to Baby which later led to her arrest.

Indeed crimes and connections take you places!

Indrani Mukharjee

Source: khaskhabar

Last but not the least is the story Indrani Mukerjea who is still on trial.

Tracking down Indrani’s Family tree is like cracking the secrets of universe.

Impregnated at an early age, she gave birth to Sheena, married another man, had a child Mikhail, divorced the man, moves to Mumbai marries another man, was blessed with a daughter Vidhi, had second divorce, married Peter Mukerjea and fostered his kid Rahul! Could someone draw a flowchart?

Allegedly, her foster kid Rahul was dating her actual daughter Sheena which was not acceptable to her. Reports say that she used to introduce her daughter Sheena and son Mikhail as her sister and brother.

Following a threat of exposing her over some property issue, she allegedly killed her own daughter Sheena and ex-husband.

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