Faye Listed Out Some Good Reasons For Not Hurrying Up To Link Your Aadhaar To Your Phone & Bank!

Thinking back on the decision that was made ‘mandatory’!

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The most annoying thing that you’ll get to hear these days is- Link your Aadhaar to your Bank or to your Phone.

While a majority of us have had linked the Aadhaar, there are some who haven’t bothered to link. Well, if you belong to the latter, then get happy as Faye D'Souza of Mirror Now has put forward some brilliant thoughts for not hurrying up to link your Adhaar.

According to Faye, the Government is still figuring things in this situation. It is not safe right now and it is not secure.

While a lot of loopholes are seen in this “mandatory procedure”.

Getting an access to the database of any common man’s details through website seems to be a child’s play now.

So as for as long as the Supreme Court is still hearing that case and the last date for this linkage is still 31st of December, 2017, ask your banker to call you on the 30th of December. That’s when you will consider making the link, after the Supreme Court has given its judgement. Until then, you are under no pressure whatsoever, to give any body any data. We can wait for as long as the SC takes. Because the Supreme Court’s word is final.

It seems that even Vishal Dadlani concurred on the decision of Faye; Mamta Banerjee also on other hand has declined to link her Aadhaar.

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