Farmers Make Big Holes In Cows' Stomach And Claim It's For Their Health

Some scientists say that it is a healthy process, others say that animals are not machines and they aren't meant for experimenting.

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Cows play a very important role in agriculture industry across the world. And they are one of the most profitable assets to the farmers.

Nowadays, farmers are very much concerned about ensuring the highest quality meat and dairy. And for this, they have started using a process called fistulation.

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In this process, farmers remove a chunk of these animals’ abdomens to expose their stomachs and then fit them with a plastic ring to hold their flesh open.

However, farmers claim that they go through this process because of health reason but this process is completely disgraceful.

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This process of fistulation causes unconditional stress and discomfort to the animal. On the other hand, the farmers also claim that this can improve the health of cows, as the process allows the transfer of microbes from one cow to another.

Source: wonderfulengineering

While some think that this process is a harmless, painless procedure, others are considering it as mutilation and are terming it inhuman. 

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