Fancy A Swimsuit With Your Bestie's Face Printed On It? You Can Now!

This sure looks like a cheeky gift to give to your crush or newfound love, ahem ahem!

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It's 2018 and being bizarre is the new it!

Fashion trends are banking on the bizarre and coming up with their best. From barely-there denims to tacky fringe jackets, we’ve seen it all. Or that’s what we thought until we heard of this – customized swimsuits with faces of your mates!

As(s) whacky as it sounds, Etsy’s seller Guestbookery is making it happen for real, as reported by The Sun.

And if this hopeless world, you’re blessed with not one but many BFFs, then you can have a maximum of faces printed on your beachwear. Everybody’s happy that way. Errmm.. except the one who’s getting the swimwear made!

The swimsuit has a scoop neckline and a low-scoop back. It is made of fabric that is chlorine-resistant and is hand-sewn in sizes XS-3XL.

As if swimsuits weren’t enough, the store also gives you an option of printing the faces on the beach towels, t-shirts, aprons and leggings. This covers the segment who are not comfortable with the swimsuit option. There, there!

A product to ‘sit proudly upon the faces of your friends and loved ones’ is what Firebox has to say about the personalised pants.

Still not sure if it is love/friendship or plain weird to have your friend/lover/friend with benefits’ face on your crotch. But sure does look like a cheeky gift to give to your crush or newfound love, if you know what I mean!

Describing the pants, Firebox stated:

“A friendly face gently cupping your nether regions, smiling back at you whenever you’re feeling down.

They also make the perfect gift for a loved one when you’re not around; whether you want to see them as a warm and comforting presence or a passive-aggressive alternative to a chastity belt – your gorgeous face warding off persistent sexual intruders.”

Still did not buy the idea? How about some bedsheets with those pretty faces? That’s another range of items that one can resort to as the last option (of desperation).

Shelfies’ good folks think it is absolutely not creepy to have your best mate’s face printed on your bed sheets, because why not? Apart from bedsheets, they even print duvets and pillowcases. Y’all might want to choose carefully who you want to snuggle up to!

Well, my bestie is a dog, I hope they consider that now!

Information and images source: unilad

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