Remembering Faiz Ahmad Faiz With These Iconic Gazals On His Birth Anniversary

Celebrating Faiz Ahmad Faiz on his birthday!

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Poetry has found many lovers in the recent times. Be it because of numerous budding poets who are making social media abuzz with their couplets and poetry. Due to the exposure of the social media, the younger generation is blessed to have poetry brought on a plate to them.

But as a kid, when we had no such thing called the ‘Instagram’ or ‘Facebook’, poetry was dished to us through school textbooks or our parents’ or grandparents’ collection.

So when my grandpa ran out of toys to gift to her ‘gudiya’, he handed me one of his poetry collections. I wasn’t so happy about it until I stumbled upon a couplet that tugged my heartstring. The poem was signed off by a man called ‘Faiz Ahmed Faiz’. I chuckled thinking it was quite a funny name. But no sooner did I find myself reading a lot of poems that were signed off by the same name. And thus began my love affair with this poet.

Over the years I found that I wasn’t the only one with the ‘tishnagi’ for his poems. There was a cult, with an absolute positive connotation, who celebrated his poetry and not just read it.

On this celebrated poets birthday, we pay a tribute to him for leaving behind words unparallel when it comes to talking about love and other things.

We bring you Faiz sahab’s 7 famous ghazals that will remain with you for a lifetime. Read on:

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