“F*ck Feminism!” : East India Comedy Gives You The ABC Of Feminism In This Brilliant Video!

Also, why Indian women are moving to Canada! (Hint: Their PM isn't a jerk about feminism)

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-“Men are also falsely accused of rape”

- “Why is she cooking?”

- “Mazaar Sharif me aakar dikhaye hum to kaalikh-waalikh sab lekar aaye hain!

And many such WTF statements fall on our ears and Facebook News Feeds these days when everybody is an armchair activist. Feminism is a word that is being thrown around casually, without a lot of people making the least amount of effort to understand what it signifies. And so we have applause-worthy memes such as this:

Source: yka

Dude, matlab, do you even have a point??

And so, to do their bit in enlightening such lost souls, East India Comedy in its new offering EIC Outrage, takes up Feminism 101.

Sorabh Pant tells you why arguments like “Call it equalism!” and “We have bigger issues to deal with!” don’t hold any water. Watch the video let us know if you agree!

Title image: youtube

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