The Unique Practice Of Exploring One's Sexuality Through The Concept Of Ghotul

It's baffling how developed an underdeveloped tribe can be!

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In a country where Ministers are caught watching porn, where James Bond is made to kiss his Girl for only three seconds or where you juxtapose the terms to sing the song ‘Bhag Bhag D K Bose’ because of “sanskar”, thinking about a culture which allows the youth to explore their sexual freedom is as shocking as the recent financial reforms.

However there exists a tribe Muria in Bastar, India which has a unique institution called GHOTUL. It is believed that in this institution the older members help guide the younger members in their behaviour and engagements in sexual practises.

What exactly is a Ghotul?

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Ghotul is a large hut made up of twigs, wood, mud and cow dung. There are two kinds of huts - one being a Sar: used for group congregations and other being Bhitar: the sleeping quarters. The floors as well as the walls of these huts are smoothened with cow dung. The members gather around at night for entertainment purposes like dancing, singing, story-telling and of course sex.

There are RULES though:

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The male members of the Ghotul are called as Chelik where as the female members are called Motiari. This organisation as well is hierarchy conscious as the head boy is called Sirdar and the head girl is called Belosa. The youths get to choose a new name once they become a part of the institution and are free to choose their own partners. However they cannot be with the same partner for more than three times and are expected to change them after approx seven days.

Members are also taught discipline and cleanliness. They are given duties to clean the huts, the village, are given education in agriculture and also taught the way yo live life in extreme conditions. Women of this clan practise farming while men go hunting.

Benefits of a Tabooed Practise:

The lessons learnt by the youth promote healthy attitude towards sex and proper balance of friendships and relationships. It is believed that this life-style allows them to prevent breakdowns of relationships and unhappiness in the later adult life as ghotul members find a suitable match for themselves from among the clan.

The Maoist Mystery:

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It is difficult for any researcher to access and explore the lives of these people and the major reason is Naxalites. These Maoists have taken upon themselves the responsibility of the protection of this tribe. People found intruding are either killed or captured.

It is indeed surprising how a sensible society lies in the deep forests of a ‘Developing’ country!

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