Experience Life Of A “Criminal” For Just 500 Rupees!

Ever fantasized about the life in jail?

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Ever fantasized about the life in jail? Or ever wanted to experience that “Jail Ki Hawa” being a kaidi without killing anyone or committing any crime? This jail has a solution for you!

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The 200 year old Sangareddy District Central Jail  in Medak District, located 70 kms from Hyderabad, is the place that offers a confinement at the price of just 500 Rs. where you can experience a life in jail with real surroundings!

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An aluminum plate, khadi uniform, soap made in jail and mattress will be provided to the customer. They will be woken up at 5 AM by the guards and after cleaning your own cell the guards will take you to the court yard.

Breakfast will include tea and idli while lunch will consist of rice and dal. During the daytime, you will be asked to plant some saplings. Dinner will be provided at 5 PM after which you will be locked up again at 6 PM.

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You can actually contact Telangana Jail museum to get the feel of jail. Since the jail is very old, two real guards will be present to company the prisoner, Deputy SP Narasimha told! Following is the video of people visiting the jail and living out their fantasies,

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