7 Exercises You Can Try When You're Feeling Like A Sloth Bear!

How about some Youtube workout vids and chill instead of Netflix and chill?

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Ever been in a situation where you’ve binge-watched a series and haven’t moved for like three-hours straight and then it becomes the most dreaded task? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Come January and we all promise to watch a little less of the addictive series and utilise that time for exercising. We’ve all got one working out resolution in our kitty of New Year resolutions. But how many of us have actually worked upon it! Clearly not seeing many hands up.

Since only a few of us are going to muster the courage to hit the gym, some of us incorrigible souls look for something easy, convenient and light to begin with.

Luckily, we did the scouting job too well and brought you a list of exercises you can pretty much simply break into while you’re sitting. These exercises range from strengthening your toes to butt muscles and guess what, you don’t even have to get up.

So how about break out of the normie behavior and breaking into a sweat working out with these quick floor exercises?

1) Glute Bridges

Gluten bridges workout is for getting your buttocks into killer shape. It improves your butt muscles, hamstrings, strengthens your lower back and ultimately betters hip movements. Ain't better a way to stay put and still get a great backside!


2) Eagle Crunches

Eagle crunches are a little twist to your regular crunches. Termed as the most productive workout, you'll find the benefits right after a few reps!

3) The Superman

Corporate jobs, too much of sitting around or lying down lands most of us with a lower backache. But with the Superman workout, the pain will go away just the superman launches up while flying! The sacrum and the spinal strength is the main focus of this workout.

4) Frog Lifts

Now, this might look like a luxurious nap from the video, but it's so not. This out-n-out bad boy workout will get your lower half working like a machine and sooner than later you'll start sweating off your fats!

5) Donkey Kicks

Want to work on the muscles in your glutes? These kick like a donkey! Okay, not any time or anywhere. Watch the video and get working for some booty twerking!

6) The Side-Lying Calm

You'll find yourself sleeping in this posture most nights. But don't doze off while doing this! Just follow the instructions of the video and you'll enter Nirvana. Or at least think you did!

7) Toe Touches

Not going to lie to you about this one as it is an actual exercise and is not at all within your boundaries of comfort! But you will find yourself liking and doing it more often, sooner than later.

Isn't it a good way to get yourself on the exercising streak? 

Information source: elitedaily

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