Everything You Should Know About Coffee And Its Many Types

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From Lattes to Cappuccinos, coffee has always been confusing when it comes to ordering them at a coffee shop or while pressing a button on the coffee machine. To save you from embarrassments and ignorance, we got these famous beverages and listed down the real difference between them:

1. Espresso

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Derived from Italy, espresso is a strong black coffee brewed by fine ground coffee beans compressed with steam. It is a black coffee deprived of milk. A ‘short’ espresso means it has less water and is a strong coffee and a ‘long’ espresso conversely has more water and is a dilute coffee. A perfectly brewed espresso will have a golden brown foam on the surface. Espresso is also the basis of many other coffee drinks.

2. Cappuccino

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This famous drink is a combination of equal parts of espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk. Cream may also be used instead of milk to give in a creamy and steamy blend of coffee. This coffee drink is a mix of flavors which adds to its richness. This drink is common in every coffee house around the corner and can even be iced for a great summer drink.

3. Café Latte

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A café latte which is also known as milk coffee, is an Italian blend of three parts of steamed milk and one part of espresso. When complimented with breads, cakes and cookies, it can act as a great breakfast as well as a supper! There are varieties of café latte available in different coffee shops for some really memorable experiences!

4. Mochaccino

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This is a change of cappuccino with added chocolate syrup/powder. It is based on an espresso and hot milk, with added chocolate. Whipped cream and cocoa powder garnishing can add to the flavor of the blended and brewed coffee.

5. Mocha latte

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Café latte with added chocolate syrup or hot chocolate makes up for mocha latte. This drink is to save from the daily routine, to give you a more outlandish experience and tops it off with the garnishing of powdered coffee beans.

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