Ever Wondered Why We Say Its 7 O’clock? What Does This “O’clock” Stand For?

We don't really need to say it now.

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We all use this O’clock while telling time but have you actually thought about what it stands for?

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It means 7 of clock!

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Why do we say so?

Well, it’s simply a remnant of the times when a variety of sources were used to tell the time and clocks weren’t used or weren't as prevalent during that time.

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Generally sun was used as a reference point and so to distinguish that one was referencing a clock’s time  than the sundial in the 14’th century, people would say “It is 7 of the clock” which, after being used again and again came down to “7 O’clock” around the 17’th century!

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So that means we don’t really need to say O’clock since we never refer to the sundial now, Isn’t it?

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