Ever Wonder Why Age 16 Is “Sweet” For All The Girls?

Ever wondered why only sixteen is sweet and not eighteen or eleven?

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One culture and different meanings is exactly what sweet sixteen is all about. Once in your lifetime, you all must have heard from a girl saying, “I am Sweet Sixteen” or it’s my “Sweet Sixteen.” Ever wondered why only sixteen is sweet and not eighteen or eleven? Well, we have the answer for you! Read on to find out what makes sixteen a magic number.

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One of the major reasons for its importance is when a girl is sixteen she’s no more a girl and considered as a woman. In Europe, there was a tradition when a girl would be presented to a court when she was 16 that signaled for the boys and the people that she is ready for marriage and available.

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At sixteen, a girl is believed to get mature enough and enter womanhood. Many people have not heard about the term sweet sixteen and rather don’t know the origin. While some consider this as a concept which started from American culture, more specifically Mexico.

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Although, in India, 18 is the age which is celebrated as the last big party a teenager must have since after 18, teens are considered as adults. The sweet sixteen concepts is generally celebrated in western countries!

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The concept of sweet sixteen (actually fifteen in this case!) may also have originated from the Latin countries where they celebrate woman being a Quinceaneras. It was said that at 15, boys become warriors and girls are eligible to become the mother of future warriors. 15 was supposed to be the age when a girl becomes woman. Quinceaneras is like your introduction to society where the girl dances with male peers.



Nowadays it’s only for the teenager’s fun, alcohol and parties are such big event. In the end when a girl is sixteen she was always seen as a woman entering into the society being more mature!

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So basically it’s not sweet for the girl instead for the society! Happy Sweet Sixteen!

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