Estonia: Where People Have Free Wi-Fi In The Forest Too!

It is the world’s second country to have free Wi-Fi everywhere.

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A country in northern Europe, Estonia is the world’s second country to have free Wi-Fi everywhere. This tiny Baltic country surpasses many in its development indices, including digital connectivity. 

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According to the statistics in Estonia, more than 75% of the people in the country of 1.34 million use the internet. The first internet connection in the country date back to the year 1992 and was introduced in Estonia’s capital Tallinn. After Wi-Fi was introduced in the capital, it played a major role for internet services in the neighboring Russia.


Currently, 4G services are used by 95% of the people. Way back in 2001, when the world was unaware about Wi-Fi, this country already had free Wi-Fi services at almost all the places which included cafes, restaurants, schools, gas stations and even hospitals!

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The country supports digitalization and in the year 2005, the country was the first in the world where people voted for the government through the digital ID card system. Estonia was the first country ever to start taking votes over the internet for local elections!

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If you are a citizen of Estonia you will have free Wi-Fi everywhere. The government of the Estonia describes the country as “e-Estonia” where people proudly visit to see the functions of the country’s growing digitalization. People from India and Pakistan, Japan and Canada, Georgia and Namibia visit the country frequently.

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Estonians truly believe in the power of Internet. Watch this video to find out how it changed the lives of many people and why they find free Wi-Fi necessary everywhere in their country!

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