This Epic ‘Dance’ Face-Off Between Ranveer Singh And Baba Ramdev Will Make You Cry With Insane Laughter!

Hysterical dance battle!

Ranveer Singh, Baba Ramdev, Dance, Dance Battle, Aaj Tak, Agenda Aaj Tak 2016

We all know Ranveer Singh as one of the most live-wire, animated, hilarious and jovial guy in Bollywood who never shies away from expressing his feelings and having fun, no matter what event or place he is in. In one such event of the "Agenda Aaj Tak 2016", Ranveer Singh engaged in an epic dance battle with the yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Both Ranveer and Baba entertained the personalities in the event with a hilarious and unusual dance performance. Ranveer at first insisted Baba Ramdev to shake his leg with the ‘Befikre’ superstar. Baba as expected, was very reluctant to get on stage, but eventually decided to dance in his very own style i.e. ‘Suryanamaskar Dance’.

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What happened next will literally make you roll on the floor laughing.

Enjoy this amazing video below:

Title image: facebook

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