The Enticing Language Of People Who Speak In Whistles

The story of people who talk in bird-like whistle languages.

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Did you ever come up with a code language thinking of yourself as James Bond along with your friends? While you might still use words to come up with these codes, the foothills of Himalaya offer you a different story of “languages”.

The Hmong community from the foothills of Himalaya, a clan of a handful of people, can speak in whistles.To the untrained ear, it might sound like musicians warming up a strange instrument. In reality, the enchanting melody is the sound of two lovers talking in a secret, whistled language.

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It’s not just the enticing melodies that make it the perfect language of love:

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The best advantage of this coded language is utilized by the much-in-love couples. They may even create a unique language to communicate their flirty messages and expressions. Compared with spoken conversations, it is hard to discern the identity of the couple from their whistles – offering some anonymity to the public exchange.

The amazing science that follows:

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These mysterious languages demonstrate the brain’s astonishing capacity to decode information from new signals – with insights that are causing some neuroscientists to rethink the fundamental organisation of the brain.

Julien Meyer, who visited the region in the early 2000s has now identified more than 70 groups across the world who can use whistles to express themselves with all the flexibility of normal speech.The research may even shed light on the emergence of language itself.

Out of the box use:

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These cryptic languages can also be a weapon of war. The Australian army, meanwhile, recruited Wam speakers from Papua New Guinea to whistle messages across the radio so that they could confound Japanese eavesdroppers.

It may seem impossible to imagine, but this indeed can be an effective way of communication.

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