Never Seen Before: These Are Some Enthralling Photos That Capture History In A Fascinating Way

These fascinating historical images capture some of the rarest moments that you have probably never seen before.

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Remember those old boring history classes that brought with them a constant barrage of unavailing names and dates? But, if we take a good look and ponder a little bit about what really happened, things can get a lot more interesting.

The phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is a simple notion that applies to many aspects of our lives, especially to historical photography. Sometimes, a simple picture can tell you a lot more about history than any story you might read.

So, here are some photos that are taken throughout history which tell humanity's story, the moments that would otherwise be forgotten if they weren't photographed. When you look at these you can't help but wonder what photos people might look back one day to remember the 21st century.

Fasion For Hats In New York, 1939 

Salvador Dali Walking His Pet Anteater, 1969

Osama Bin Laden On A Vacation With His Family In Sweden, 1970

A One-Hundred-And-Six-Year-Old Armenian Woman Defends Her House, 1990.

Flooding In Paris, 1924

Nikola Tesla In His Lab

Women Protest Against Forced Wearing Of The Hijab In Iran, 1979

Last Photo Of The Titanic Before It Sank, 1912

Audrey Hepburn Shopping With Her Pet Fawn In Beverley Hills, 1958

A Frenchman Gives Light To Sir Winston Churchill, 1944

First Time Coca-Cola Arrives In France, 1950

Seal On The Doors Of The Tomb Of Tutankhamen, 1922. It Had Remained Intact For 3245 Years

All above image are sourced from: sobadsogood

Elvis In Army, 1958

Testing Of New Bulletproof Vests, 1923

The Original Ronald Mcdonald, 1963

Disneyland Employee Cafeteria in 1961

Bookstore In London Ruined By An Air Raid, 1940

Martin Luther King With His Son Removing a Burnt Cross From Their Front Yard, 1960

Hitler’s Officers And Cadets Celebrating Christmas, 1941

Mother hides her face after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948

Melted And Damaged Mannequins After A Fire At Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum In London, 1930

A Space Chimp Posing To Camera After A Successful Mission To Space, 1961

Illegal Alcohol Being Poured Out During Prohibition, Detroit, 1929

Suicide - 23 Year Old Girl Jumped From 83rd Floor Of The Empire State Building And Landed On A United Nations Limousine, 1947

All Above image sourced from: boredpanda

A Burning Monk, 1963

01 - B1zhuqb.jpg

A Guard Of Honour Passes Out As Queen Elizabeth Rides, 1970

03 - CiwFe6y.jpg

American Forces Bombing On Retreating Iraqi Forces, Kuwait, 1991

07 - XRm2xDw.jpg

NASA Scientists With Their Board Of Calculations, 1961

18 - YuDzVzg.jpg

Fidel Castro Smoking  A Cigar And Wearing Two Rolex Watches During A Meeting With Krushev, Kremlin, 1963

25 - 3v04AE3.jpg

Theodre Roosevelt's Diary The Day His Wife And Mother Died, 1884

26 - V8P28ZU.jpg

The Job Search In 1930's

29 - 3YQcbJY.jpg

A Motel Manager Pouring Acid In The Water, When Black People Swam In The Pool, 1964

33 - geDCFJA.jpg

The Last Public Execution By Guillontine, France, 1939

40 - RnjKJGM.jpg

John F. Kennedy's Coffin In The Capitol Building, 1963

42 - HcRGzJQ.jpg

American Soldiers Returning After V-Day To New York Harbour On Crowded Ship, 1945.

48 - J1L3ryt.jpg

A Member Of French Resistance Smiling At A German Firing Squad, 1944

50 - pMC6TgS.jpg

German Soldier Gives Bread To An Orphaned Russian Boy, 1942

53 - O4AgM1y.jpg

Einstein’s desk a day after his death

59 - QBM6Sfu.jpg

William Harley And Arthur Davidson, 1914


Bill Gates arrested for driving without a license, 1977


Muhammad Ali & Michael Jordan, 1992


Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona,1925


Muhammad Ali Talks Down A Man Comitting Suicide


Golden Gate Bridge Under Constrution, San Fransico, California, 1937


John F.Kennedy With Marilyn Monroe, 1957


Charlie Chaplin And Mahatma Gandhi


Chuck Norris And Bruce Lee


Steve Jobs And Bill Gates


Maradona,Pele, and Michael Platini. 1988


Mount Rushmore Under Construction, 1939


A Woman Who Survived Nagasaki, 1945


The First Computer In England, 1950

35All above images sourced from: blazepress

Title image: blazepress

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