English Pub Cancels Snail Race As The Cold Has Made The Competitors Lethargic

The race usually lasts for two minutes and the snails compete on a 13-inch track.

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We have all heard of horse racing and buffalo racing, but have you ever heard of snail racing?

“That’s not a real thing,” you might think. I thought that too until I read about it!

Snail racing is a form of humorous entertainment where two or more snails race against each other. The snail racing phenomenon is quite popular across Europe, especially in the UK. That’s not it, every year since 1960, the "World Snail Racing Championships" is organised in Congham.

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An English pub in Holbeton, Plymouth, was supposed to host a charity snail racing event last Saturday, but due to the harsh cold and snowfall in the British capital, the event had to be postponed. The cold weather apparently made the participating snails lethargic.

No, I am not cooking up a story.

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"The cold snap has led to a medical problem with our racing snails, it's called hibernation. A new date will follow soon. Sorry," the Dartmoor Union Inn announced on its Facebook page, informing about the change in schedule.

The post further said, "Unfortunately due to our snails being extra sleepy we have had to cancel the snail racing championships this Saturday! We apologise and do hope to see you over the weekend regardless !!"

Now, who would want to watch sluggish snails compete against each other!

The pub had been planning the event for several months and the money raised from the event was supposed towards the Devon Air Ambulance.

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“We've promised everyone that we'll hold the event when they wake up.Perhaps we should have known because you don't see a lot of snails around.I'm a little bit disappointed but there's not a lot we can do," said pub manager Donna Aziz, while talking to BBC.

The race usually lasts for two minutes and the snails compete on a 13-inch track.

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