Here’s Why The Selfie Taken At The Employees’s Desk By LinkedIn CEO Went Viral

Netizens appreciated the gesture of this cool boss and applauded him for his gratitude.

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What should one do, when your super-boss flies down to your city, your office especially to meet you and your team and you, on the other hand, have gone for a vacation?

Well, quite a misfortunate coincidence of time which can make you feel a little embarrassed!

But then, if you have a cool boss around you like Jeff Weiner then life seems to be sorted a lot.

Apparently when LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner flown down to company’s office at Dublin to meet his staff, Analytics Manager, Mariah Walton couldn’t turn up to the meeting as she had pre-planned leave to on a vacation.

Source: linkedin

Off course, she felt sorry to miss this high-profile meet-up, so before leaving for the vacation, Mariah took a paper to write down a note for her boss, glued it on her desk’s computer with her photograph next to it.

The note read:

Hi Jeff, I wanted to meet you but had to go to Venice instead (so sad). I have been in Analytics at Li for 3.5 years, the first 2 in Mountain View, and now sit on the DAM team under Bhavani.

I’m the technical owner of the International Dashboard you see each Friday and support EMEA execs and BizOps on strategic projects & deep dives. Enjoy your time in Dublin! (Just avoid the fake Mexican food.)

When Walton came back to the town and at her workplace, she was awestruck to find a selfie of Mr. Weiner posing at her desk with the note.

Source: indianexpress

How cool is that?

Walton then shared this awesome moment captured in the snap on LinkedIn and in no time it went viral and garnered lots of appreciation for his gratitude.

Information source: ndtv, indianexpress

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