Emma Stone Takes A Potshot At Oscars' All-Male Nominations For Best Director Category

The audience was left in splits post the comment.

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Emma Stone just pulled off a Natalie Portman and how!

The actress who attended the Academy Awards 2018, last night was chosen to announce the names of the nominees for the category of Best Director.

Stone started the announcement by saying, “It is the vision of the director that takes an ordinary movie and turns it into a work of art.”

It is what she said next that will blow your mind.

The actress said:

“These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year. They are the nominees for achievement in directing.”

Dear Jesus! Did that dig make Emma savage or what!

Stone’s “four men and Greta Gerwig” comment left the audience applauding and laughing.

We couldn’t help but go back to the Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe moment of 2018. The actress called the nominations for the best director’s category as an “all-male category”, which we think was tongue in cheek level savage!

It was director Guillermo del Toro of the movie “The Shape of Water” who won the award.

But Twitter certainly picked them and made much ado about it which left us laughing.

Here's the Twitterati reading much into Stone's dig:









Information source: huffingtonpost

Title image source: allure

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