Emily Ratajkowski's Belly Button Gives Us New Bizarre Body Goals!

The model turned actress is latest to join the DKNY brigade.

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If you were proud of your belly button, you are going to be disappointed by the new trend that is catching up.

American model turned actress Emily Ratajkowski’s belly button was noticed by some fashion police and was appreciated and called ‘near perfect’.

The various self-confessed belly button analyzers find the  ‘hooded oval belly button’ of Emily a new must-have. So much so that some women are even ready to go under the knife for one!

The trend of Umbilicoplasty – belly button shaping is catching up like wildfire amongst women in the west. People are now choosing to change the size and shape of their umbilicus with the help f the surgery. Made you sick in the stomach already?

This trend is a common in the west but given for Ratajkowski’s popularity in India, looks like we’d soon have our ladies throwing their bellies to get the perfect ‘innies’.

Generally umbilicoplasty is a thing when up for a stomach surgeries, pregnancies or extreme weight loss. In fact, summers is the peak season for this beauty surgery. No prizes for guessing the reason, duh!

With the rise in fashion that flaunts the navel, this trend is definitely here to stay!

Darren Smith, a New York based plastic surgeon, told Allure:

The belly button is a very important cosmetic feature of the stomach. I am seeing an increase in patient interest in belly button aesthetics.


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Emily has been giving major body goals to ever since she shot to fame after making an appearance in Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines music video.

However Emily isn’t the only one people look up to for tummy surgeries. Folks adore Jessica Simpson, Karolina Kurkova and Erin Heartherton too!

As reported by Allure: ‘the holy grail of belly buttons is considered to be – much like Emily’s – a hooded innie complete with a narrow vertical shape. This apparently gives the impression of a longer torso and leaner abs.’


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“Smith told Allure:

Belly buttons that are ‘too large’ can be made smaller by removing extra belly button skin and tightening the bordering abdominal skin around the belly button.

Belly buttons that are ‘too small’ are a little more difficult to deal with but can potentially be improved by removing some of the surrounding abdominal skin and gently stretching the belly button tissue to reach the enlarged border caused by removing the abdominal skin.”

In times when surgeries for enhanced ear lobes and implanted back dimples are a norm, umbilicoplasty does not even surprise us anymore tbh!

Information source: unilad

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