Emilia Clarke Models For Stock Images And She's Clearly The New Queen Of Sarcasm!

All hail! The mother of corporate dragons is here!

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Now, you might say that Vanity Fair would not have any flair at ‘mockumentary’, but Condé Nast’s lifestyle magazine will literally make you go ROFL with its latest shoot. For those of you who do not know what a ‘mockumentary’ is, well, let’s just say it is a randomness presented in the most satirical, dry way that will leave one confounded and laughing.

Now, VF compiled the best of the stock images found on the internet and the ones which are being used almost every other day for presentation purposes. When they were done compiling and laughing their bit over the images, they decided to make us laugh and how! The magazine roped in celebrated actress Emilia Clarke and recreated the images keeping her in the role of a boss. Because, why not!

Clarke did justice to the shoot by keeping a poker face with a deadpan expression and giving her best shots. In fact, in the BTS video, she even said that stock-image-modeling is her one ‘true calling’. Em is seen having a lot of fun at the shoot, even taking jibes at her at times. She said, “I’m taking a method approach,” she says about her foray into acting for the photos. “I mean Daniel Day-Lewis, he can learn something from me in this.”

Scroll down to see images and the hilarious BTS video: 









Here's a little behind the scenes video of what Emilia has to say about the shoot: 

Information & images: boredpanda

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