Elphinstone Stampede Victims Poster Causes A Misunderstanding By Printing Wrong Man's Picture!

Owing to a misunderstanding, media reports and a banner outside the Elphinstone Road station circulated Sheikh’s name as one of the victims of the stampede.

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Ever since the Elphinstone Road stampede, the 35-year-old Imran Sheikh has been trying to convince his friends and family that he is very much alive.

23 people lost their lives in the unfortunate event that took place at the Elphinstone Road station last Friday.

Owing to a misunderstanding media reports and a banner outside the Elphinstone Road station, circulated Sheikh’s name as one of the victims of the stampede.

“That day, I alighted at Dadar while my uncle got down at Parel,”  said the 35-year-old garment trader who works in Dadar and used to frequently travel with his uncle Masood Alam, 38, from Parel or Dadar.

Unfortunately, Alam got caught in the stampede and died of suffocation and internal injuries at KEM Hospital.

“A lot of media persons, who enquired about my uncle, requested me to share his picture. The one photo I had was both of us together,” Shaikh added. It is this photo that caused the misunderstanding.

Sheikh was alerted about the misunderstanding with a flurry of calls coming from his friends and wellwishers.

While a tabloid printed his picture as one of the deceased along with his uncle, local news channels also showed it in their news reports.

“Some of my friends later informed me that there is a banner put up outside the bridge, which has printed my name and picture,” he added.

While the media corrected the mistake, Shaikh has no idea what to do about the banner.

“It’s been printed by some local politician and I don’t know whom to contact,” Shaikh said.

While the Western Railways officials have no clue about who put the poster up, one of the officials said, “It’s wrong to misrepresent someone as the victim. But since people’s emotions are involved, we can’t remove the banner immediately, but will take necessary steps.”

Cover image & information source: hindustantimes

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