Elon Musk Thinks Google's New AI-Based Camera Isn't "Innocent"!

He expressed his displeasure on Twitter when the The Verge took posted about the Google product.

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Elon Musk of Tesla “seems” not all that amazed with Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based ‘Clips’ camera. He expressed his displeasure on Twitter when The Verge posted about the Google product.

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It is known that Musk is religiously anti-AI and he has been quite vocal about it.

Musk tweeted, “This doesn’t even ‘seem’ innocent.” Referencing to the video of “Clips” that were posted by The Verge.

“Clips” does image recognition and AI processing on-device, deploying machine learning to automatically click the best pictures for you. Short-motion photos could be shot on the camera which lasts for several seconds. The clips are then synced wirelessly and in seconds from the camera to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS.

Musk holds a belief that AI could be the cause of World War III and is actually a greater threat than North Korea. His tweet against “Clips” streams from his set of beliefs.

“We’ve put machine learning capabilities directly into ‘Clips’ so when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture. Clips looks for stable, clear shots of people you know,” Google said.

 “Finally, all the machine learning happens on the device itself. And just like any point-and-shoot, nothing leaves your device until you decide to save it and share it,” Google added.

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