This Guy Designed His Own Electrified Wolverine Claws And They Are Better Than CGI

YouTuber Hacksmith created a wearable pair of Wolverine claws as deadly as Logan's adamantium claws

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In order to celebrate the release of Logan, YouTuber thehacksmith created his own new version of Wolverine’s Adamantium claws and guess what, they really work and are certainly better than the CGI effects. However, they are not as lethal as Wolverine’s claws, unless you happen to be wearing them.

In the video, thehacksmith adds electricity to the claws and does a few experiments that cause sparks to fly and the end result is simply electrifying.

According to the website thehacksmith, to create a sparking effect better than CGI, they used a car battery which they connected to the claws, positive on one claw and negative on the other. 

When these claws come in contact with one another or as shown in the video are connected together, the car battery gets short-circuited which results in big electric sparks. These sparks have quite the calibre to draw current anywhere from 200 to 300 ampere, which the car battery can safely supply.

If you thought this is amazing, here are some other intriguing projects by the Hacksmiths:

Title image: dailydot

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