Shocking: 8 Month Old Sexually Assaulted By 28 Year Old Cousin!

Can women not be looked at as human beings?

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Every day, we wake up to the news that makes us wonder if there is any humanity left in us at all!

In a shocking incident that took place in Shakurbasti, New Delhi, an eight-month-old infant was raped by her 28-year-old cousin! Yes, a baby, who can’t even speak up for herself was sexually assaulted!

While the entire country is busy focusing on the baseless arguments given by Karni Sena, who is apparently fighting for the honour of a queen who died in the 13th century, living breathing women are being violated.

The baby was admitted to a local hospital after she faced severe injuries in her private parts. She underwent a 3-hour surgery and is currently in a critical state. The incident came to light after Swati Mahiwal, Delhi Commission for Women's chairperson, tweeted about the horrifying incident.

According to Times of India report, the mother of the 28-year-old accused was babysitting the 8-month-old at the time of the incident. A little while later, the accused came to the house and took the baby to another room to play with her, where at the pretext of playing, he raped her. The police said that he apparently gagged the baby to make sure that her screams are not audible to anyone else in the house.

The baby’s mother works as a maid in the area nearby and was not home when the incident took place. When she came back from work, she found her daughter crying and bleeding profusely from the genitals. The baby was immediately rushed to the Kalawati Saran Hospital, where, after an initial check-up, the doctors confirmed sexual assault. Due to the severity of the injuries, the child had to undergo several surgeries and is battling for her life in the hospital ICU.

DCW Swati Mahiwal took to Twitter to share the heinous incident and also expressed her concern regarding the increasing crimes against women.

The police has arrested the accused, who initially denied his involvement in the case, but later fled his house, confirming police’s suspicion. On interrogation, he confessed that he had raped the baby.

It is incidents like these that make us wonder if women are just objects that exist to fulfil the sexual desires of men? Can women not be looked at as human beings?

Information and cover image sourced from ibtimes

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