Ed Westwick Breaks His Silence On Kristina Cohen's Rape Allegations

The magnitude of this stir is only surging with the passage of time.

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A day after rape allegations made by actress Kristina Cohen, Ed Westwick, the alleged has chosen to break his silence.

27-year-old Cohen took to Instagram and Facebook to talk about the ‘horrific’ incident that happened three years ago at Westwick’s apartment.

Cohen starts off by telling that the ‘outpouring stories’ that surfaced in the recent #MeToo campaign gave her the ultimate push to talk about her own experience which had buried for good.

The post talks in detail about how when she was napping at the Gossip Girl star’s apartment, she awoke to find ‘his fingers entering my body’.



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While that was Cohen’s side, Ed took to social media site Twitter to talk about the incident.

While the actress received support for being brave while narrating her ’emotionally exhaustive’ story, Ed’s reaction did not have many takers.

In the wake of the #MeToo campaign, there has been a wave of men and women coming forward and talking about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment. Right from high-profile people such as Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to noted actor Kevin Spacey, no one has been spared.

The magnitude of this stir is only surging with the passage of time.

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