This Eco-Friendly Bench Made From 6,500 Tetra Pak Cartons Installed In Mumbai Park Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The benches installed in the park were made of used Tetra Pak cartons which got inaugurated on Sunday.

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We see many people talking about environmental issues and discussing its hazardous consequences but very few turn those discussions into implementations. With an objective of taking this issue to a level of execution, a city-based non-profit organisation- RUR Greenlife installed four new eco-friendly benches at the Bombay Port Trust’s (BPT) Sagar Upvan Garden, Colaba.

Source: thebetterindia

But then the Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This initiative took rigorous efforts of three-years. They collected and recycled over thousands of Tetra Pak cartons for 3 years which later got transformed into this brilliant innovation.

But collecting the packs all by itself is a tough job so they encouraged public to help them by dropping the used cartons at Sahakari Bhandar, Colaba.

Cynthia D’Mello, who is the trustee of My Dream Colaba, told MidDay,

This gave us the space to start a collection centre. We collected thousands of Tetra Pak cartons of milk, curd and aerated drinks. We used to create awareness at Colaba-specific events about the importance and possibility of recycling cartons.

Sharing her thought process behind this initiative Renu Kapoor member of Colaba Area Locality Management, said,

I started the initiative after I met two women at a workshop, where they were teaching participants how to make jewellery out of waste. The public will see how Tetra Pak cartons can be transformed.

Source: thebetterindia

To talk more on this Monisha Narke, founder-CEO of RUR said,  

We have 44 collection points across the city. We need roughly 4,500 Tetra Pak cartons for one school desk and 6,500 Tetra Pak cartons for a bench.

Monisha further explained that an initiative like this is only possible when we put a joint effort. The involvement of Tetra Pak companies, space for collection centres, ALMs and the community boosted our efforts even more.

But then we forgot that we live in India, things like robbery is a very usual phenomenon!

An observation revealed that the cartons were stolen from the collection centres which made the authorities to put in extra efforts to secure the collection centre.

Information source: thebetterindia

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