Rally The Realm: 7 Mind-Blowing Game Of Thrones Title Track Covers To Make Your Sunday!

Treat yourself to some mind-blowing covers of GoT track, originally composed by Ramin Djawadi:

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The preview of Episode 8 ‘No One’, of Game of Thrones Season 6 looks promising we can hope for some action after the rather slow-burning episode 7.

As every Sunday passes, anticipation for us poor folks without access to subscribed streaming runs high and then, finally we hear the grand and overwhelming music of the title sequence which still gives us goosebumps.

While we are eagerly waiting to lay hands on the next episode, treat yourself to some mind-blowing covers of this track, originally composed by Ramin Djawadi:

1. The Indian Jam Project: Hindustani Classical Cover

Formed by Tushar Lall, the IJP is a fusion group which does covers for many popular soundtracks from Hollywood movies and American and British TV series, interspersing them with Indian instruments like the flute, sarangi, tabla among others to create surprisingly beautiful pieces. Their GoT cover is oddly soothing. Also check out their covers of BBC’s Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Interstellar (yes!).

2. Ben Dan Productions: Western Cover

Strongly reminiscent of hot afternoons in an old Wild Wild West town with two cowboys with their guns at the ready, this electric guitar cover is a treat for the ears. The Good, The Bad and Tyrion Lannister did you say?

3. North Cape: A’cappella Cover

A’Cappella is music generated solely by manipulating the vocal chords-without the use of any instruments. Polish group North Cape does a spellbinding cover which can easily stand in for the original. Also, the video is innovatively shot, complete with snow, swords and White Walkers! We repeat, No. Instruments.

4. The Queen’s Guards

During the Changing of Guards ceremony at the Buckingham Palace one evening in July 2014, the band surprised the onlookers by doing their own regal version of the title track and it is every bit as imposing as the original!

5. Karan Chitra Deshmukh: Tabla Cover

An excellent example of fandom meeting talent, Karan Chitra Deshmukh does a solo cover exclusively with the Tabla. The track is executed solely with percussion, along with an interesting addition at the end!

6. Charlie Parra del Riego: Heavy Metal Cover

While many metal/rock covers have been attempted for this wildly popular track, this one is hailed as the best so far. The talented del Riego does a snazzy elec guitar solo which has been bowling metal fans over. Added bonus: He looks like Jon Snow!

7. ELTC: Mumbai Dhol Tasha Cover

ELTC came up with Aamcha Game of Thrones- an uplifting Ganeshotsav themed cover- complete with all the instruments you see in your Visarjan procession. Ever imagined you could dance to this track?

Know of more awesome covers? Share with us in the Comments!

All videos sourced from Youtube.

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