Drunk Guy Took $2,220 Cab Through Three Countries On New Year’s Eve!

When he reached the destination, however, he refused to pay the driver.

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New year’s eve is the time when almost everyone wants to get drunk. More often than not, it leads us to just stumble into a cab without really thinking much about the cost of getting home safely.

This Norwegian man took this simple routine to a completely different level when he had to pay 18,000 ($2,220) Norwegian krone for his cab ride home. Sounds like Hangover 4?

We know you must be wondering, “How far was his home?”

Well, another country.

No, we aren’t drunk! He actually took a cab to another country.

The unnamed man was celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Danish capital of Copenhagen when he decided to catch a cab home – to Oslo, Norway.

In his 600 km long cab journey, this man crossed Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. He crossed three countries to reach home! We wonder how drunk he must have been that he didn’t realise where he was going for almost six and a half hours!

When they reached the destination, however, he refused to pay the driver. The driver reported him to Oslo police. The long journey also took its toll on his vehicle, which broke down while in Oslo.

“A drunk man got in a taxi in Copenhagen in 2017.  He arrived at Abildsø [a neighbourhood in Oslo] in 2018. He left the taxi without paying,” the Oslo Police tweeted.

“The Danish taxi ran out of power outside the house and needed assistance with a tow truck. Together with the taxi bill, the drunk taxi passenger has to pay about 18,000 Norwegian krone for the trip through three countries,” the police added.

The police also said, “We found the man sleeping at home. He is now awake and will make amends.”

Now that’s a drunk story to tell!

Information and cover image sourced from: ibtimes

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