Dr. Evan Antin Is the Hottest And Latest Internet Sensation

The Dr. Is In The House!

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Move over Kim Kardashian, the latest internet sensation is a vet who's too hot for his own good!

Dr. Evan Antin works at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, where he specializes as an "animal expert and exotic/small/wildlife veterinarian.

The vet is on a mission to bring joy to "peaceful animal lovers!" by posting photos (a.k.a. "pelfies") of himself with his fluffy — and sometimes scaled — patients.

His Instagram is filled with such pelfies that all have one thing in common - his million dollar-movie star smile!

Don't believe us? Take a gander for yourself and get ready for him to swoon you off off your feet.

1. The Mexican Beaded Lizard Matchmaker




2. Surrounded By Awesomeness!



#myday These lil dingleberries are soooooo happy when daddy has the day off ☺️???????????? #furbaby #lazy #dog #cat #homebody #howcuteiswilly'shappykittyface #kitteh

A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on


3. Wildlife Enthusiast!



Happy #worldanimalday ! Please take a moment to appreciate the animals of our world ???? #animal #wildlife #monkey #macaque

A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on


4. His Charm Works Just Fine On Kids As Well!



5. That Is Adorable!



#adorableballoffuzz #puppy #golden #nuffsaid

A photo posted by Evan Antin ???????????????????????????????????????????? (@dr.evanantin) on


6. Two To Tango!



7. Slither!



Catch more of his adventures here.

Title Image Source: Instagram

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