World’s Best DOTA 2 Player Got Destroyed By A Killer AI At The Game’s Biggest Tournament

Elon Musk is acknowledging this achievement as the first time AI has been able to beat pros in competitive e-sports.

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On Friday, during Valve’s yearly DOTA 2 tournament, Elon Musk-backed research lab OpenAI, introduced what could be called as the best new player in the world - an artificial intelligence (AI) bot that can beat professional e-sports players at DOTA 2, an extremely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, in 1-on-1 matches.

Crowd-favorite DOTA 2 pro, Danil Ishutin, popularly known by his gaming handle “Dendi” got destroyed in a live 1 vs 1 match by the OpenAI-created bot in less than 10 minutes of play. Dendi threw in the towel after the second round ended in a similar way, and expressed astonishment that a bot could outplay a human. The bot’s manoeuvres looked eerily human, Dendi said the bot “feels a little like human, but a little like something else.”

OpenAI’s system remained undefeated against a group of top players including, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Syed “Suma1L” Hassan.

Elon Musk is acknowledging this achievement as the first time AI has been able to beat pros in competitive e-sports.

Engineers from the nonprofit research company said that the bot was trained on self-play, meaning it started knowing nothing about the game, slowly learning which techniques worked and which didn’t by playing a virtual version of itself. Greg Brockman, CTO of the organisation said that it took two weeks to train the bot, adding that this validates a step towards more impactful systems. OpenAI also released a video:

Elon Musk, who is spearheading commercial space travel with his venture SpaceX, founded OpenAI to prevent AI from destroying the world. A long time critic of AI, Musk, just last month told a group of US governors that it represents “a fundamental threat to the existence of civilization.” 

Recently, he fired off another warning, suggesting that AI poses an even greater risk to the world than a nuclear conflagration with North Korea.

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