Dorothy Lawrence: The Real Life Dona Maria From Dear Zindagi

Dorothy Lawrence was an English Reporter who fought in World War I in the attire of a man.

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The movie ruling theatres and hearts Dear Zindagi, in its ending, narrated the story of ‘Warrior Lady’ Dona Maria who fought in wars in the attire of a man. Portraying the disguised courageous battles of life also is the story of Dorothy Lawrence.

Dorothy Lawrence was an English Reporter who fought in World War I in the attire of a man. When the war broke out, she was reporting for the Fleet Street Newspaper. She was later arrested by the French Police while working as a freelance war correspondent and was made to leave the field. It was during her return to Paris that she decided to dress up like a man to get her story on the paper.

The Khaki Accomplices

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Dorothy was helped by two British Army Soldiers who provided her with the Khaki Uniform which then resulted in her transformation into a male soldier Private Denis Smith, with sacking and cotton wool to bulk out her shoulder with military haircut. She also took help from her friends to learn marching.

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However this fight later started to give her chills, fits and rheumatism and after 10 days of service she gave herself in front of the commanding sergeant who placed her under military arrest.

In 1919, she recounted her war experiences in her biography “Sapper Dorothy Lawrence: The Only English Woman Soldier”. Her story also became part of an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum on Women At War.


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