Done With HIMYM And The Big Bang Theory? Watch These 10 Other Shows Instead Which Are Just As Hilarious!

Tired of watching the same old typical shows like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory? Watch these 10 other shows instead which are just as hilarious.

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Tired of watching the same old typical shows like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory? Get over the pshycho scientist and that hopeless lover and watch these hilarious shows instead! Circling around a mélange of plot lines right from reckless roomies to crazy families, you will have a blast watching these, we are sure!

1. Modern Family

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Wacko children, sexy mothers and the adorable gay couple! This one is a real treat!

2. Melissa and Joey

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How two non-parent like people come together raising two teenagers and fall in love in the process is surely pretty interesting to watch!

3. 2 Broke Girls

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Watch the princess in distress Caroline and the chic mouthed Max put together a cupcake business whilst dealing with empty pockets surrounded by all sorts of people!

4. Community

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This Greendale Community College is mad house with epic characters you will instantly hate and some you will fall in love with!

5. New Girl

Source: thebitbag


The world seems like a happy place when you have the best of roommates. Watch their Banter and leg pulling with the amazing new season.

6. The Goldbergs

Source: abcallaccess


This is a documentation of a real life family who were crazy af, and the episodes are testimony to all the stupid irritating things that go around in a big family.

7. The Odd Couple

Source: pop-break


Chandler left us hanging when the tenth season ended. But Matthew Perry is back with his witty remarks and uber cool acting with the hilarious series The Odd Couple. And he has done a great job, so you see it for yourselves.

8. The Middle

Source: renewcanceltv


Home is where the heart is. This comedy surrounds the antics a typical mother pulls off whilst dealing with her daily chores and the petty rivalry amongst her children.

9. The New Normal

Source: outtv


Now the US people have really come around to the LGBT community and this show is about a Gay couple hopelessly trying to adopt and raise a kid. Two Dads, and the rest you’ll see. *lol*

10. Raising Hope

Source: montagecabletv


Babies can be real trouble! And the ones in this are from a different world! But you can have a few laughs at the cost of the harried parents for sure!

And well when you are done with these you can surely go back to your most favourite FRIENDS bingewatch!

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