Donald Trump Announces Uplifting The Ban On Hunting Of Lions

The US Fish and Wildlife Service had officially filed ‘lions’ as a dying out species in 2016.

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President of the United States, Donald Trump, in an announcement last week rescinded the ban on importing elephant remains.

In a decision further on the flora and fauna, the president also announced revoking the regulations which protect the lions from the hunters.

In 2015, the regulations were first imposed when Cecil, the lion’s death sparked an outrage. The intention to ban such hunting was to discourage the game hunters to kill animals from the continents of Africa and others and bringing back the remains home as ‘trophies’.

Cut to 2017, where Trump recently rolled back the decree and caused another moment of furor amongst conservations and environmentalists. They believe the nasty business of game hunters killing and importing the gruesome trophies will begin again.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service had officially filed ‘lions’ as a dying out species in 2016. Stricter norms were imposed on the killing and importing and the remains.

According to ABC News reports, in spite of such a bylaw, the US Fish and Wildlife Service started issuing authorization for hunters to import back the trophies, since October 20.

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When contacted the Wildlife Service, they stated the decision to restart issuing permits was because they considered regulated hunted to aid the conservation fund. However, critics are furious and countering the move by pointing out how the demand for wild animal products will surge.

Wayne Pacelle, the president of The Humane Society of the United States blogged: “The Interior Department and the government of Zimbabwe (whoever is in charge) are rolling out the red carpet for the next Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who lured a famous and beloved lion, Cecil, out of a national park and shot and wounded him with an arrow.

The outrage factor is almost beyond compare for us at The HSUS.”

Wayne also pointed out that after Cecil’s death, about 40 airline carriers banned the transport of the animal macabre on their airplanes.

Hinting that The HSUS might take legal action for championing trophy hunting, he wrote: “African elephants and African lions drive billions of dollars of economic activity in Africa. But they drive that activity only when they’re alive.

Killing them deducts from the populations, diminishes wildlife-watching experiences for others, and robs the countries of Africa of its greatest resources.

The folly that the killing helps lions and elephants is just that – pure folly. We’ll see the agency in court.”

The ban, which was imposed in the tenure of Obama is all set to be uplifted by the Trump.

Many conservationists from across the world have condemned this announcement, calling it a “backward step”. They have also issued a word of warning saying the reducing number of elephants is because of the increasing incidents of poaching.

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