Donald Trump Threatens to Arrest Actor Alec Baldwin In A Fake Tweet

A fake tweet by Donald Trump in which he threatens to arrest actor Alec Baldwin is circulating throughout the social media.

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A screenshot of a fake tweet purportedly sent by Donald Trump in which he threatens to arrest actor Alec Baldwin for his portrayal as the President-elect was circulated to the social media on December 17th:

Source: snopes

However, this was not a real tweet issued by Donald Trump or anyone else authorized to post via the official Trump Twitter account.

According to the sources, the fake tweet began circulating social media after Baldwin’s latest comedy skit aired, which featured Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and fellow cast members Kate McKinnon as Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and Beck Bennett as Russian President Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump has taken issue time and time again with Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live” through skits that are meant to mock the president-elect.

Source: telegraph

The seemingly screenshotted tweet, which appears to have been sent in the midst of Saturday Night Live episode, claims that Trump would arrest “Alex” Baldwin after being inaugurated as president. While, Trump’s twitter account has presented some spelling errors, the President-elect surely knows that actor’s name is ‘Alec Baldwin’ and not ‘Alex Baldwin’.

Although, Donald Trump has criticised Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live for their portrayal of him, he has not gone that far to proclaim that he will have the actor arrested for sedition when he officially becomes President in January 2017. 

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