Why Donald Trump Might Not Be As Evil As They Wanted You To Believe

A look at some of his good deeds

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The whole world is shocked by the unexpected victory of Donald J. Trump in the US presidential elections. The media, expected to be neutral, was largely critical of Trump during his run up to the elections with most of them predicting Hillary Clinton winning the race. While Trump did make some controversial comments over the course of his campaign, we take a look at some of the brighter aspects of his personality that were mostly overlooked.

9. Back in 1988, He flew a critically ill 3 year old boy from California to New York in his private jet when all other commercial airlines refused to do so.
Source: jta

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8. He offered a 10,000 USD reward to Buffalo (NY) bus driver (an African-American) as he stopped a woman from suicide.
Source: foxnews

7. He calls himself an “ardent philanthropist” and has donated money to American Cancer Association, American Diabetes Association, Autism Speaks and many more.
Source: insidephilanthropy

6. He fought Antisemitism and Racism in Palm Beach 2 decades ago.
Source: spectator

5. Barbara Res, 33 was the first women to be put in charge of supervising construction of skyscraper after Trump had hired her in 1980.
Source: dailymail

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4. Donald Trump was at ground zero on day of September 11 attacks and his 200 odd persons were involved in rescue operations

3. Trump plans to impose term limits on the Members of Congress. According to him, this will prevent congressmen from getting corrupt (and rich) by constantly enjoying power. They will have to leave politics after a certain number of years and work as normal American citizens giving chance to new generation and ideas to thrive.

2. Trump is a businessman running an empire in real estate and entertainment. He understands the economics and finance very well and this should help him in formulating policies to create jobs for Americans.

1. He cannot be lobbied or bullied as he is already a billionaire! This should help him take unbiased decisions during his tenure as the US President.

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