Don't Believe The Rumors! Banks Will Remain Open In The First Week Of September

RBI employees will go on strike from 4th of September and will not hamper operations of other banks.

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A Whatsapp message claiming that banks will remain shut in the first week of September has went viral. The message read that the banks will remain closed from Monday due to Janmashtami and the banks will go on strike for demands related to pensions from the 4th of September.

The message, however is fake. The call for strike was made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) employees. The strike is scheduled for September 4 and 5. This, in no way means that all banks will remain close. The strike is of RBI employees only and all other banks will operate as usual.

The RBI employees will be going on a mass casual leave on 4 and 5 September. The demand of the strike is Provident Fund and pension related.

National Organization of Bank Workers Vice President, Ashwani Rana said, “It’s only the RBI employees who are going on mass casual leave on September 4-5 for demands related to to Provident Fund and pension. This will not have much impact on the day-to-day operations of the other public and private sector banks.”

Banks will remain shut in many states on Monday, September 3 on occasion of Janmashtami but will operated as usual banks throughout the week until Saturday 8, which is a second Saturday and hence a holiday. Banks in Delhi, though, will operate on Monday too.

An HDFC Bank official said, "Monday, 3 September, is not a pan-India holiday for banks. Banks in some states will remain closed as per the Negotiable Instruments Act. This, however, will not impact the online banking transactions nor it will affect the operation of ATMs."

As per RBI’s website, 16 of the 31 regional and sub-offices will remain close on September 3 for Janmashtami.

So, don't fall prey to the rumours. 

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