Domino's Fixing Potholes In US To Ensure Smooth And Faster Pizza Delivery

Cynics might cry this as a publicity stunt, but the pizza giant has actually mended roads in various cities.

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Are you one of those who find every minute of waiting for a pizza unbearable? Does the anticipation to smell the wafting pepperoni make you crazy? Well, join the worldwide community.

But the excitement of the pizza arriving would be met with a major mood kill if it was delivered with half its toppings fallen off or worse, sloshed and stuck to the carton. Oh and don’t even get us started with the tales of a cold pizza!

Before y’all jump the guns and blame it on the poor pizza bwoy, let us tell you it’s the fault of the bumpy, potholed roads that send the delivery guy’s patience and your pizza for a toss.

Irritated and fed up with this situation which is costing Domino’s USA a good chunk of their customers, the pizza giant has decided to take matters into their own hands. Domino’s is now on its way to fix the potholes in the roads by filling it themselves.

Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, said in a statement:

"Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed? We know that feeling is heightened when you’re bringing home a carryout order from the local Domino’s store.

We don’t want to lose any great-tasting pizza to a pothole, ruining a wonderful meal. Domino’s cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen."

Even y’all debate about Domino’s being the best pizza or not, you guys will have to give it to their efforts. Of course, the situation shouldn’t have gone down to such a level but what to do, it’s the same in our country as well! Let us talk about that in another article and carry on with this for now.

The company has gone on to request the public to point them out the roads that need works on their project website

Cynics might cry this as a publicity stunt, but the pizza giant has actually mended roads in Burbank, California, Milford, Delaware, Bartonville, Texas, and Athens, Georgia.

The company’s website speaks of 29 man hours gone into repairing the roads.

Bill Scherer, Mayor of Bartonville, said:

This unique, innovative partnership allowed the town of Bartonville to accomplish more pothole repairs.

While Milford’s city manager added:

We appreciated the extra paving for pizza funds to stretch our street repair budget as we addressed more potholes than usual.

The situation in London is slightly better for the Enfield Council, which labour-controlled, is resurfacing roads by using a mixture of discarded plastic and asphalt.

Let’s hope it helps the pizzas have a smoother journey too!

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