This Dog Cheered For The Runner And Grabbed The Limelight At NYC Marathon?

The dog has made us go- aww…! Look for yourself and you shall do the same.

NYC Marathon, Cheering Dog, Marty McFly, Onlookers, Jenny McCoy, Guilherme de Oliveira.

While hundreds of onlookers went to witness the NYC Marathon, the only spectator that stood out was- a dog.


Heckin high fives for everyone running the #nycmarathon

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Yes, you read it right! The one-year-old beagle-Lab mix dog named Marty McFly turned the spotlights on him when he was seen cheering amongst the crowd who came there to cheer the runners.

This was Marty’s first marathon which he attended with his parents, Jenny McCoy and Guilherme de Oliveira.

Source: thedodo

As you can see the dog standing up on his back legs waiting for the participants to give a high five, the runners too couldn’t refrain themselves from giving him a nice furry-high-five.

Source: thedodo

Information source: thedodo

Title image: thedodo

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