“Does Anybody Want Peace?” Renuka Shahane Is The Voice Of Reason That We Need To Listen To!

The actress weighs in on the urgent necessity for political will to achieve peace between India and Pakistan.

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The beloved actress and presenter Renuka Shahane is an enlightened presence on the internet. In times when our Facebook news feed is cluttered with hate speeches or warmongering arising from uninformed jingoism, Renuka expresses her ideas on issues of relevance in very succinct terms.

India is not untouched by the colossal mileage that the US Presidential elections are receiving these days. And given the considerable Indian and Indian-origin population in the US, it is only fair.

But when confirmed xenophobes like Donald Trump say that they would love to see India and Pakistan “get along”, and would act as arbitrator if need be, we realise that the problem needs to be addressed from within, as our soldiers continue to lose lives and “mediators” are ready to swoop down and milk the vulnerable situation.

And this is what Renuka had to say about it:

As much as we yearn for the power to bring about some positive change in the state of affairs, for now, we hope that people actually possessing this power, get this message and re-evaluate their stance.

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