Do You Know About These Supercool Gay Superheroes?

The readers felt the need to find more ways to relate to the lives of their favourite superheroes and the creators have responded to their demands.

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Ever since the turn of the millennium, we could only talk about Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, the politics and the war of The Avengers and the magical creation of Sam Raimi's Spiderman series.

So every time you feel low you know where your instant source of motivation lies, your collection of ‘Superhero’ movies!

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But back in the golden ages of these comic books, the sole purpose of creating these larger than life characters was to put on page the fierce attitude, mighty muscles and the will to “Save the World”! Now, that times have changed. They have certainly made a point by stepping out of the mould of stereotypes while creating superheroes.

The readers felt the need to find more ways to relate to the lives of their favourite superheroes and throughout the years the creators have responded to their needs.

So bucking the trend, here is a list of a few of the coolest gay superheroes:

Rictor and Shatterstar

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The first depicted kiss in the mainstream comics was that of Rictor and Shatterstar, in 2009. Although not seen in major roles in movies, these guys were the forerunners of this movement.

Their writer Peter David won the GLAAD Award for popularising their relationship in the pages of X Factor. Rictor’s mutant power were to generate seismic energy to direct earthquakes towards the target and Shatterstar had the super qualities of strength, speed and regenerative ability.


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Jean Grey tours in his mind and alerts him later about his sexuality. Well, bobby already knows it! Well, this actually happened with the 2015 time-displaced teenage version of Iceman. But ever since the 1960s, there was never an indication or hint dropped about his sexuality. Thus the story later was given an explanation by stating the reason of his own abilities to cope up with this reality. Since he had to deal with his powers openly, he suppressed his own sexuality to the point where he refused to even think about it.

Northstar and Anole

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Northstar, the Canadian mutant had numerous appearances in the X-Men series over the years. He was created by John Byrne in 1983 and has a variety of powers including superhuman speed, flight, and the ability to fire photonic blasts of energy. However, the creator could only drop hints about his sexuality as editorial policy at the time forbade characters from being homosexual.

Anole crawls up walls, has a prehensile tongue and adaptive camouflage and is the new X-Man. The character was introduced with hints that he might be gay, given his closeness to his mentor Northstar. Ever since then he has been praised for being a gay superhero.


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Apparently, she was created to counter rumours of Batman being Gay. There were speculations following the relation between Robin and Batman. This Batwoman made her way out mid-1960sd 1960s.

She was later re-introduced with a twist in 2006 as a gay character. She came close to marrying Gotham City PD detective Maggie Sawyer in the recent movie.


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Well, although he is shown straight in the movie, the writers, as well as the Man in Red Suit himself, have acknowledged his flexible sexuality. Describing him as “pansexual”, it is believed that there were a few hints dropped in the movie as well if you were attentive.

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