Check Out The Beautiful Diwali Decoration By Land Transport Authority Of Singapore!

A lesson in harmony.

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Singapore, though small in size, is one of the most diverse nations on the planet. The country has a heady mixture of various ethnic groups like Chinese, Malay as well as Indian. In fact, Indian origin people make up for almost 10% of the population of the island nation!

It thus comes as no surprise that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of the Lion City planned a little treat for the upcoming festival of Deepawali that is considered one of the most auspicious by Indians around the world.

They have decorated a train and a station especially in the theme and colours of Deepwali.

Decked out in this year’s Deepawali theme, the train features elegant elements such as intricate jewelleries, the lotus and peacock – a symbol of good luck, along with motifs depicting fireworks, colourful Rangolis et al.

The train was recently given the green light and will run till mid-November. Check out the photos of the train below:

1. The beautiful view outside a train station.

Source: Facebook

2. The decked up inside of the station.

Source: Facebook

3. The whole station is adorned with Deepawali motifs.

Source: Facebook

4. Inside the special train.

Source: Facebook

5. Right from the windows to the panels, everything has been decked to the tee with these beautiful decorations.

Source: Facebook

6. Some more decorations inside.

Source: Facebook

7. This is an innovative and heartfelt gesture.

Source: Facebook

8. Check out the wall to ceiling motifs.

Source: Facebook

Needless to say, this effort is being appreciated by both Singaporean Indians and others alike. It is indeed touching to see such a heart-warming gesture by a Government entity. Kudos to them!

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