20 Disturbing Images From Syria's Eastern Ghouta That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Here's a what, why and how account of the attack.

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Syrian government attacks the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta district by means of air strikes and artillery, resulting in trapping of 4,00,000 civilians.

The What:

-Ever since 2013, Eastern Ghouta – a rebel hold capital, has been under the blockade of the government of Syria.

-The situation has led the area deprived of food and medicine, because of which many cases of malnutrition have surfaced.

-Turkey, Russia and Iran came together and decided to call Eastern Ghouta a "de-escalation zone", which meant no fighter jets would fly in that zone.

-On February 19, Syrian forces with the help of Russian warplanes bombed the area of Eastern Ghouta ruthlessly. Hundreds of people died in the attack.

-According to the residents, six hospitals and medical centres were devastated because of the attack.

-Amnesty International said the attack amounted to ‘war crimes’.

-On Saturday, February 25, the UN Security Council which comprises of Russia, agreed on the resolution which called for a 30-day ceasefire.

-On Sunday, February 26, a ground offensive was launched by the Syrian forces which targeted the areas on the boundary of Eastern Ghouta. This would make it easier for the Syrian ground forces to move forward.

-On Monday, February 26, Syrian forces have "not been able to take an inch of territory" in Eastern Ghouta, according to Al Jazeera.

-Weapons such as mortar shells, barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and bunker-busting munitions have been used by the government forces.

-Victims were showing signs "consistent with exposure to toxic chlorine gas", according to Syria's Civil Defence rescuers.

-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says gas news is mere allegation and "bogus stories".

-On Tuesday, February 27, civilians were given a chance to escape Eastern Ghouta through a "humanitarian corridor" – an everyday five hour pause period announced by Russia.

-Despite which "not a single person inside Eastern Ghouta has been evacuated”, as told by Syria's Civil Defence to Al Jazeera, on Tuesday.

-The reason according to Syria's state news agency SANA being the path to the "humanitarian corridor" being fired and destroyed by several rockets.

Why Eastern Ghouta: 

-Eastern Ghouta is located at a distance of 10km east of central Damascus.

-The Syrian government finds it necessary to reclaim the area in proximity to the capital.

-The district which is of 104-square-kilometre has 4,00,000 civilians residing. About 50 percent of the civilians are below the age of 18.

-The current month marks the end of seven years. In March, the eight year of the civil war will begin.

-Around 465,000 Syrians have been killed so far and about 12 million have been displaced.

The Casualties:

-As of this hour, about 582 civilians have been killed as per the reports of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

-185 children and 109 women were killed in the previous three months, as per news agency Anadoul’s report.

-According to a local activist, four civilians were killed in an attempt to call a truce, terming them as dishonest.

Here are some pictures of the Eastern Ghouta violence:

Information source: aljazeera

Images and video source: facebook

Title image source: thetimes

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