Disney Just Made Our Dream Come True By Announcing Star Wars Land!

The park is considered as the most ambitious project taken up by Walt Disney.

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Disney cool land immersive STAR WARS!!!

Damn! I can barely come to believe this is actually happening. Apologies for that jumbled sentence that I blabbered.

So dearies, Disney just announced the opening of an immersive Star Wars Land! Isn’t that simply awesome-sauce?

 Source: twitter

Disney made this announcement amidst the D23 expo in Los Angeles. The details are still under wraps. However, we did manage to scoop some niceties of this venture.

Here’s what we know got to know so far:

  • All of the employees (or ‘cast members’, in the Disney Park lingo) will be in costume and in character.
  • Each guest will get a storyline, which Disney specifically says will “touch every single minute of your day”.
  • It’s meant to take place on a space ship; ‘windows’ will only show space.

 Source: ocregister

The idea is that the guests get to travel on a spaceship and have an adventure that lasts throughout their stay. (Which is why “every minute” was the phrase)

 Source: ocregister

In short, it is to give us a Westworld plus Star Wars kind of experience, minus the sexy or murder stuff!

Sadly, Disney has planned this venture only for the Walt Disney World in Florida. So, we’ll just have to wait for our next trip to the US to have this lifetime of an experience.

Information source: techcrunch

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