These 'Brownies' Cannot Be Disney's Aladdin And Here Is The Reason Why!

These Bollywood hunks are not really a right choice for the role.

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Okay, it's the time that you put your childhood whimsies back on the table. We all have read about the recent buzz of how Disney is finding it difficult to find the new age Aladdin. They are looking for a brown actor in his early 20s who can sing and dance. But the problem is the makers have not yet found a face that fits the bill.

Now, let me lay the conditions before you:

Incredibly charming

18-22 Year Old




And even though opinions and advices were not asked for, they started pouring in on Twitter:






source: huffingtonpost

But alas! We are missing one important point

The requirement is quite clear and rigid on the terms of age limit and skills folks. Given that the whole project will be a creation of Disney, here is how it differs from Bollywood. The offered options of Fawad Khan, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan or Hrithik Roshan do not fit the bill as they are way beyond the range of 18-22.

Now Hollywood (and Disney to be precise) does not compromise on the set demands of the character. The sole responsibility of a movie does not lie on the shoulders of the “Super-stars”.

It is our beloved Bollywood that makes us digest a 44-year-old Aamir Khan as a fresh graduate pursuing student from ICE in 3 Idiots.

source: tumblr

A 27-year-old Siddharth as fresh off the oven Kukkad in Student Of The Year!

source: wittyfeed

Now, we could also say that these are the incredible acting skills of our actors but lets face it, we would never question this!

And just when we thought that we did not get enough we will now be witnessing a 31-year-old Ranbir Kapoor playing a 17-year-old detective in Jagga Jasoos.

source: giphy

And some people also pointed out the irony of the situation:

Just breathe Bollywood enthusiasts. What say, Sallu?!

source: tenor

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