DU Students Worship Disha Patani As Damdami Mai To Lose Virginity

Every year on Valentine’s Day students shortlist a Bollywood actress and worship her as Damdami Mai

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OMG! This is the height of superstition. Students of Hindu College, Delhi University (DU) took their desperation to another level and made a weird custom. Every year on 14th February these students worship a tree in their campus, called Damdami Mai (Virgin Tree). This tree is a symbol of virginity for years.

Every year on Valentine’s Day students shortlist a Bollywood actress and worship her as Damdami Mai. This year, actress Disha Patani was given the honour.

The MS Dhoni actress was selected out of many other Bollywood divas.


Speaking to Times of India, a second-year student from Hindu College hostel said, "The second and third-year hostellers (sic) have chosen her. We picked her after having a meeting. Along with Disha, one name that was also considered was of Nargis Fakhri, but since most of the guys liked Disha, we have chosen her as our Damdami Mai. Damdami Mai is usually the actress who has been popular in that particular year, and who is also voted for by the most hostellers. (sic) Like always, we will have the puja on the morning of February 14. And a fresher will perform the puja as he will be the pandit for that day. As always, condoms will be used to decorate the virgin tree."


Students decorate the tree with balloons, strings and condoms, to seek blessings of the love deity. DU students believe that if they worship the tree they will find a dream partner and will lose their virginity.

With the help of this pooja DU students promote safe sex. They use condoms as decorative articles to dispel the taboo around the item.

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