Dinosaur Like Mystery Fossil Found Near Nainital

The dinosaur-like creature was found at an electric sub-station in Jaspur near Nainital.

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During an excavation, a dinosaur-like creature’s fossil was found in a small city named Jaspur, which is 110 km away from Nainital.

The state electricity department holds the place where the fossil was found. A powerhouse used to exist at this particular place, three decades ago.

According to a report, electricity department labourers found the fossil first and informed the contractor about the discovery, who, in turn, informed the police and forest department along with the archaeological department.

“Chances are that some small animal entered the abandoned house and died there in. We have informed the authorities are concerned departments," Hindustan Times quoted an employee Abdul Kalam, inspector of the Jaspur police station.

The tail of the discovered figure is around 5 cm long while the back legs measure around 29 cm.

The fossil has been sent to Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for further investigation.

“We are a bit puzzled and therefore seeking the administration’s help in undertaking massive search operation in the surroundings,” Ali, a local resident said. 

However, the department of the forest has decided not to conduct further search operation to check the presence of any other such creature in the area. The department has decided not to start any further action before DNA and carbon dating reports of the carcass arrive in next fifteen days from the WII.

"It is virtually impossible for the specimen to be a fossil, as Jaspur does not have rocks. The fossil also changes colours in a long span of time, which is not the case with the dubious animal carcass. The area of Terai has alluvium rocks on the surface and after digging some meters, there are Shivalik rocks in the earth's surface, which are just 23 million years old, quite younger to the extinction of dinosaurs. This specimen is certainly not a juvenile and as forest department has called me to check the teeth of the carcass, I may get to some conclusion only after that," TOI quoted Professor Bahadur Kotlia of the Department of Geology at Kumaon University in Nainital.

Information Source: HT, TOI

Title Image: HT

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