Blimey! This Indian Man Owns Over 4,000 Cameras

His wide collection includes watch camera, spy camera, rope-triggered camera and cameras that we don’t even know could exist!

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From collecting coins to stamps, everyone is fond of indulging in their own activities. But seldom have we come across people who have a hobby of collecting things that are totally unique.

One such man is Dilish Parekh, who hails from Mumbai and holds a Guinness World Record for his unbelievable collection of 4,425 antique cameras.

Source: petapixel

It takes years to put together such a splendid collection of cameras and Dilish has been doing this since 1977. Being a photo journalist, he was always fascinated with his work which gradually drew him towards this hobby. His trove includes cameras of Rolliflex, Canon, Nikon and a Royal Mail Postage stamp camera that dates back to 1907.

Regular cameras are not the only things he has, quirkiness gets wider with collection of cameras that look like a lighter, a watch camera, a spy camera and a rope-triggered camera.

Parekh says,

You name the camera and I have it. It’s not a big deal to break my world record, but I own about 4,500 cameras right now. Even if you buy a camera every day, it will take you twelve years. By that time, I’ll be way ahead.

Here's an astounding video of Dilish Parekh and his cameras -

Information source: inshorts, imaging-resource

Title image: petapixel

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