Do You Know The Secret Behind This Classic Shot From 'Die Hard'?

Director John McTiernan used a tried-and-tested trick to elicit a genuinely terrified expression from Alan Rickman.

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Every Die Hard fan lives this moment when he/she binge-watches the movie series. You feel like along with John McClane, it was you who served Hans Gruber revenge on a silver platter, albeit after a long blood-spilling and scar-giving chase! However one cannot ignore the 'real' terrified expression on Hans' face when he falls off the Nakatomi Plaza, of which the director had a very amusing story to tell:

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The day when the Nakatomi accident was to be shot, Alan was terrified as he was suppose to fall off a 40 - feet tall building (although with the help of a harness). Director John McTiernan however, had one amazing plan to pacify the actor as well as get the real expressions captured on screen. The actor-director duo did a trial take first to make every crew member understand how the shot will be crafted, and Rickman was supposed to be released at the count of three.

Then came the final time when the cameras started rolling, and as per the plan McTiernan gave the count down however with a slight 'twist'!

At the count of two, the director asked the member of the crew to pull Rickman down and thus he ended up giving a genuine reaction. If you observe minutely, you can also see Gruber mouthing the words 'You bastard' while falling down.

Are those words for McClane or McTiernan is for you to decide! 

Yippie-kay-yay ******f*****!

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